CAS 359 Class Schedule

Each week will consist of a lecture that covers important theoretical concepts for web application development. Then we will have 2 hours of time spent in a lab programming and working on practical skills. The lab time will include a brief demo by the instructor and time to work on your own and ask questions.

This schedule is tentative and may change at any time; please check back here often for updates.

Date Type Lab Topic Assignment Due Reading
Jan 8 Lecture   Introduction / Software Development    
Jan 8 Lab 1 Using Ruby, Rails, and Git    
Jan 15 Lecture   Overview of Rails System Archtecture   Rails 6,7,8
Jan 15 Lab 2 Creating a new Rails website    
Jan 22 Lecture   Intro to Ruby: Variables, Loops, Conditionals, and Blocks   Ruby 3
Jan 22 Lab 3 Form Input and Output    
Jan 29 Lecture   Class Cancelled (instructor sick) Assignment 1  
Jan 29 Lab   Class Cancelled (instructor sick)    
Feb 5 Lecture   Models: Long-term storage for rails   Ruby 4
Feb 5 Lab 4 Using Models    
Feb 12 Lecture   Data: Classes, types, models, and columns   Ruby 5,8
Feb 12 Lab 5 Input Validation    
Feb 19 Lecture   Class Cancelled Assignment 2  
Feb 19 Lab   Class Cancelled    
Feb 26 Lecture   Relationships between data   Rails 9,10
Feb 26 Lab 6 Relationships between models: belongs_to and has_many    
Mar 5 Lecture   Spring Break    
Mar 5 Lab   Spring Break    
Mar 12 Lecture   Views: Displaying data Assignment 3 Rails 9-13,23
Mar 12 Lab 7 Using templates and layouts for views, and uploading files    
Mar 19 Lecture   Many to Many Relationships Between Models Project Proposal Rails 9-13,23
Mar 19 Lab 8 Using Many to Many Relationships    
Mar 26 Lecture   Authentication    
Mar 26 Lab 9 Creating an Authentication Infrastructure    
Apr 2 Lecture   AJAX: Improved Dynamic Webpages Project Milestone Rails 15
Apr 2 Lab 10 Using AJAX    
Apr 9 Lecture   Misc   Rails 15
Apr 9 Lab 11 More AJAX and Finishing Touches    
Apr 16 Lecture   Project Demos / Facebook Project Demos  
Apr 16 Lab   Work on Group Projects / Facebook lab Project Demos  
Apr 23 Lecture   Project Demos Project Demos  
Apr 23 Lab   Work on Group Projects Project Demos  
Apr 30 Project   Exam Period Final Project