Group Assignment 2: Project Milestone

In the group project plan, you had to identify one feature of your project to be an intermediate milestone feature. This is the first feature that you get completely working. This feature can be any of the features of the project, but I expect it to be something relatively simple. For some projects, for example, this intermediate milestone feature could be the ‘user authentication’ – the ability for a user to log in.

You should be storing your group project in a git repository. Once you have this feature implemented, working correctly, and tested (including error handling, like if I type in the wrong username/password, or want to create a new user), then you should tag that version of the code as the milestone version. To do this, after committing all of your changes, run the command git tag -a milestone. This will tag the current version as the milestone version. Then run git push --tags to push that tag to the server.

In addition, someone in the group must send me an email (CC’ing the rest of the group) that contains instructions for me. These instructions should:

Due: Wednesday April 2, 2014 at 5pm