Group Assignment 4: Final Project Deliverables

The final, fully-functional project is due on Friday, December 7th at 5pm. Everything should work as much as humanly possible. Unlike the demo, a real person (me) will be using the application, and I will probably find any bugs left in the system. (I used to be a software tester for Microsoft – I’m good at finding bugs.) Try to make everything work as well as possible.

To turn in the project, upload the working code to the gallery as described in the final lab of the semester. It should be fully functional and working on the class server.

In addition, you will need to turn in a short final report on the project. This report should include:

The report should be a PDF (preferred) or Word doc. There’s no page limit; just provide the necessary information. Please email it to me at

Due: Thursday, May 1st by 5pm,