Group Assignment 3: Project Demo

The last two weeks of classes will be devoted to in-class demos. Every group will have to stand up in front of the class and demonstrate their web application. At least one group member must describe what the applications does and show how it works. Demos are a time-honored tradition in application development; they are a way to prove that your code works to the people who are paying for it. Everyone in the group does not have to speak, but I have seen some excellent tag-team presentations in the past.

Everything in the application should be part of the demonstration. It must appear to be completely working in class. Here’s the real secret of demos: since you and only you will be using the application, if you know about specific bugs in the code you can strategically NOT trigger them as part of the demo. It only has to work for you; it doesn’t have to work for everyone. Plan out what you will say and make sure that everything you want to demo actually works. But it should look like it is completely functional. I expect you to demo all of the features you listed in your project plan.

The demo should include a surprisingly large amount of talking. In particular, you should include 1) What is the project? 2) Why is this project particularly intersting or valuable to the world? and 3) How would a typical user use the application? For 3), walk us through how a typical user will use the application.

I will provide a sign-up sheet in class to determine which group will be demoing their application when closer to the end of the semester. You will have approximatley 12 minutes for your demo.

Due: We will be doing the demos on April 23 in class. You need to have enough working for a demo on one of that date.


Wednesday, April 16 – In Class

Wednesday, April 23 – In Class

Wednesday, April 23 – 3:00 Lab

Wednesday, April 23 – 5:00 Lab