Vision of the Future: Presentation

You will present your "Vision of the Future of News" to the class. You do not have to have your paper finished before the presentation; hopefully the class discussion will help you to improve your paper. This vision should be something interesting to you, and to help that along, we will be using Pecha Kucha style presentations.

A Pecha Kucha presentation is 10 minute long presentation where you have exactly 20 powerpoint slides that automatically display for 30 seconds each and then advance on their own. Think SHORT, INFORMAL, and CREATIVE. You're not trying to present all of the details that will be in your paper; instead, you are telling a story about what is interesting about your vision. Don't be afraid to play around. The idea here is that the form's restriction promotes creativity.

In PowerPoint (or a similar program), set up your presentation to automatically advance slides after 30 seconds. Each slide should have exactly one image or phrase. You can find images by searching Flickr for Creative-Commons licensed pictures.

You really should think in terms of phrases, not sentences. You will need to think through what goes on each slide. Guy Kawasaki suggests no font smaller than 30 points on a slide. His reasons are pretty compelling: You want the slides to complement your presentation, not dominate it.

Set the program so that your slideshow advances every 30 seconds, without any input from you. If you are not sure how to do this using your particular software, come see me and we can figure it out together!

You will have exactly 10 minutes to tell your story. You will need to rehearse your presentation so that your commentary is linked to the slides, and to revise your slides, especially the text, to make it compelling to your audience.

You might consider these two web pages on improving presentations: Merlin Mann’s “How I Made My Presentations a Little Better” and AQ’s “Guide to Better Pecha Kucha Night Presentations” (In particular, note AQ’s recommendation that one spend about 6 hours on making the slides.)

Presentations will take place on April 26. You will have an opportunity to sign up for presentation slots. At the end of each presentation, we will have 5-10 minutes for the class to discuss your ideas and provide feedback.